Dag 07 - 3 artister jag gillar

Det finns ju så många bra artister där ute i världen, men jag ska försöka välja ut tre stycken som jag gillar lite extra.

Day 07 - 3 artists that i like
There is so many good artists out there, but i will try to chose 3 of them that i like a little bit more.

  • Dee snider. This dude is amaxing on stage and i love his energy. Twisted Sister is for sure one of the best bands i have ever seen live.
  • Mark Tornillo. The singer in one of my absolute favorite bands Accept. He is having a great voice which fit tne band perfectly and i can watch their live performance of "Princess of the dawn" for hours.
  • Maria brink. If i could change my (awful) singing vioce with anyone in the world i would probably chose Maria Brinks. Her voice is very powerful and unique and i just love to listen to the her bands songs. 


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